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PETG Filament 3 x 1kg


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The PETG filament, our recommended material for the 3D assembly line printing manufacturing technology, is available here in a low-priced value pack.

Therefore, our iFactory3D assembly line printers mainly work with PETG filaments.

With our advantage offer, you always keep a small stock of the filament consumable for your assembly line production, so that you do not have to interrupt production in case of supply shortages or higher consumption.

PETG Filament Properties

The high filament transparency at low viscosity, but with high temperature resistance opens a variety of applications. Especially since PETG has the properties of water and chemical resistance, which are important for 3D printing techniques, as it is produced oil-based.

PETG as a base material is characterized by a wide compatibility, for example, admixtures of metal particles in the filament are only a question of settings and the selection of the nozzle to be used. The different types of nozzles recommended by us, their application areas and specifications can be found on our product page for the original iFactory3D Custom Nozzle Volcano.

Filament in the 3D printer

iFactory3D PETG works and harmonizes perfectly with all common 1.75mm 3D FDM printers. This is guaranteed by the unconditional adherence to our high quality standards in terms of manufacturing accuracy and the low diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm.

The optimized print quality of our, in distance and axis adjustable, nozzle construction of the entire print head results in our typical excellent layer adhesion. Of course, you get the best results with our filament, which has a particularly high purity and only a low degree of shrinkage.

Production with PETG filament

Our filament standard is characterized, among other things, by a special material toughness. This means that the tendency to stability with the binding joy of the heated filament creates a special unity in the structure of your product.

The PETG filament we offer or recommend works with our assembly line printers both clog-free and bubble-free, and is easy to use.

Before packaging, each filament roll is completely dried for 24 hours and then vacuum sealed with desiccant in a nylon bag.

This ensures each filament roll arrives to you ready to print and remains dry and free of contaminants or debris until the seal is opened.

Additional information




Black, Orange


Polyethylene terephthalate (PETG)

Item Weight

1.0 kilogram (2.2 pounds)


1.75 millimeter


1.75 PETG Filament


in the Netherlands

Product Features

Dimensional accuracy and consistency:

Each 1kg spool (2.2lbs): Diameter 1.75mm, Dimensional Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm

Recommended PETG filament extrusion/nozzle temperature: 230 – 250℃.

Recommended bed temperature: 80℃

Compatibility: all popular 1.75mm 3D FDM and assembly line/ belt printers

Manufacturing accuracy and diameter tolerance: of +/- 0.02mm.


  • Coil diameter is 200mm (8″).
  • Hole diameter of coil hub is 52mm (2.20″)
  • Coil width is 75mm (2.5″)

Product Specifications

Material: polyethylene terephthalate (PETG).

Brand name: iFactory3D

Item weight: 1kg (2.20 pounds) each

Outer diameter: 1.75mm

Item name: 1.75 PETG Filament

Made: in the Netherlands


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