3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support


Our 3D printing service offers individual solutions

Take advantage of the 3D printing services of iFactory3D and benefit from the versatile belt printing technology for your project.

Get in contact now to get a quote, advice or inspiration for your project:

CTO Martin Huber consulting in technical and research regard

3D consulting service

Get to know the characteristics of 3D belt printing in detail

Are you new to 3D belt printing?

Along with technical support after purchasing a printer, we also offer a comprehensive consulting and training service.

Contact us for exclusive online training sessions where you or your employees will gain extensive knowledge about 3D printing and exclusively about the 3D belt printing technology with an iFactory3D printer.

Our offer also includes the possibility of on-site coaching to precisely optimize your 3D belt printer for your individual project together with one of our experienced technicians.

Project development

Design your individual 3D belt printer together with us exactly according to your ideas and needs!

You are convinced that 3D belt printing is right for your company. But for your project, you need a custom-fit solution that is optimally aligned with your goal?

Our research and development department is constantly working on the further refinement of our product range and will gladly take your wishes on board. Together with you, we will develop a 3D printing solution that is perfectly tailored to your production. Starting with advice on functionality, technology and implementation of modifications to the construction of a 3D printer according to your specifications.

Close-up of the measurement of a 3D printed object, performed by iFactory3D's CTO Martin Huber.
CEO Artur Steffen holding a filament spool in the iFactory3D orange hue, talking to a costumer

Model creation and material consulting

We advise you on the development of your 3D model or create it for you, according to your wishes! 

You need support in the development of your 3D model?
We have an open ear for your ideas and offer you the possibility to have a 3D model developed by us from the very beginning. Our 3D printing service is also happy to assist you in adapting your product for 3D belt printing.

Must your product meet special standards and have particular properties?
We can advise you on the ideal material and finishing process to bring your ideas to life. 

3D printing service

Serienproduktion von 3D gedruckten Teilen auf dem 3D Fließband Drucker One Pro von iFactory3D.

Test prints

Our 3D printing service allows you to realize your models in our Print Farm!

Are you interested in our 3D belt printer but you do not know if it is suitable for your production or project? Share your 3D model and we will print it for you. This way you can find out if 3D belt printing is what you are looking for.

The test print is discounted when you purchase our printer, and only if you decide not to choose our product, you will pay a fair price for the implementation of your model.

Outsourcing your production

Our 3D printing service takes over the production of large individual parts and prints objects in series for you!

Are you planning a temporary or for your own production fairly unusual project where you need larger or especially many 3D printed parts?
In our print farm, we implement your orders. Use our 3D printing service and discover the advantages of iFactory3D’s 3D belt printing technology.

Let us give you an estimate of your planned print job volume!