3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support


3D printing off the conveyor belt with the new iFactory3D printer One Pro allows for objects, in almost unlimited length and with the best 3D quality, in automated manufacturing.

Consultation in the showroom

Individual sample prints

Setup advice and trainings

Service and personal support

PETG Filament

Hier sehen Sie die PETG Filament Rollen in orange zu je 1kg, im 3x Bundle Angebot.

Orthopedic insoles

Explore our all-in-one 3D printing insole solution: scanner, software, printer, and material, seamlessly integrated. Trusted by many for over 2 years!

Extrusion Profiles

Explore high-quality, meter-long polymer profiles for prototypes, small runs and custom-made solutions. Ideal for windows, furniture, trims. Get all including printer, software, workshop, and full support!

Additive serial production

From automotive to machinery production and hotels, our solution delivers synthetic components more affordably, quickly, and with enhanced properties, on-site with a smaller CO2 footprint and swift ROI!

Printing as a Service

We print series plastic components faster and cheaper than injection molding, with 1 to 20,000 pieces ready in days, for any geometry. Boost your production flexibility with competitive rates starting at just 3,90€ per printing hour!

3D Print Examples

Your design possibilities are almost limitless with 3D belt printing technology.

Our print examples offer you a detailed visual insight as an introduction to 3D printing techniques and especially the 3D belt technology.

As an experienced user, you will get an overview of our innovative manufacturing technology and its possibilities.

For the creative mind we have some examples of useful or even decorative objects in the gallery, which were produced with our iFactory3D printers.

Get inspired in our gallery!

iFactory3D's One Pro assembly line 3D printer producing some technical parts from black PETG material


A man with tattoos and a T-shirt pushes the ONE PRO, complete with mounted roller extension, on a trolley through a large, empty hallway with industrial flair

3D printing for business

A typical application of 3D printers these days is the rapid and economical production of working prototypes and scale models. Many companies are using additive manufacturing to produce parts for their final product, but so far without the capability of automated serial production.

The constantly expanding number of printable materials and material combinations inspire the development of innovative technologies, which in turn combine to offer new and differentiated solutions to complex challenges.

We at iFactory3D developed a conveyor belt printer that produces both extra long and light & complex objects with overhangs in trouble-free serial printing. You can define specifications for the printing process of small series and special productions just as differentiated and problem-free as you can produce a large number of identical products promptly and cost-effectively with the 3D belt printer in an automated manner.

A young woman stands next to the ONE PRO assembly line printer in a workshop and explains, gesticulating a bit

3D printing for life

Conventional 3D printers are ideal for home use. Here, mostly one-off pieces are created, which is why the still quite maintenance-intensive production process and the limited installation space are accepted. These Cartesian devices, usually based on PLA filaments, can be used to individually produce a wide variety of items, such as useful kitchen utensils, vases, lamps, toys or creative pieces for artistic purposes. They can also be used to make functional repair items such as nuts, coasters for wobbly table legs or handles for drawers.

Increasingly, entire homes, hotels and production halls are being built using 3D printing, and the process is gaining importance in our everyday lives.

The use of 3D printers is therefore also becoming increasingly important as a school subject in technology lessons. Adding automation and length flexibility to 3D printing can lead to more creativity and efficiency, and perhaps inspire some to use 3D printing for other, even professional, projects.

iFactory3D office: 5 people are gathered around a table on which the 3D assembly line printer One Pro and some different printed parts are located.

About us

iFactory3D GmbH brings automated batch production to additive manufacturing and makes globally connected factories a reality. As the world of manufacturing shifts towards customization, adaptability, and localized facilities, agile manufacturing is becoming increasingly evident as the future of manufacturing technology.

We are constantly learning about new innovative materials that open up new application possibilities, allowing more and more industries to once again perform their manufacturing independently and implement innovations in a timely manner.

Reasons for 3D belt printing

Infinite printing

Print infinitely with iFactory3D’s conveyor belt technology, even for objects of several meters in length.

Serial printing

Fully automated 3D serial printing without any maximum limit with our innovative 3D belt printer.

Quality technology

Printing at 45° angle for more complex designs and less material usage.


Feedback on the 3D assembly line printer that was used at via traffic controlling GmbH as part of product and cost optimization
Overview of 3D assembly line printing integrated into the production cycle of electrochemical weld seam cleaning devices at Reuter GmbH & Co. KG
3D printing enthusiast Jerome aka 3djaydiy on Instagram explains the advantages of the new 3D assembly line printer model One Pro compared to the previous model One
Michael Behrend uses the iFactory3D assembly line 3D printer for his entrepreneurial project to develop an overlapping mechanism that can be used to connect and control lines with any precision. His company, BEG Behrend Entwicklungsgesellschaft, will implement the results to enable people with prostheses to put on their arm prostheses independently. The endless technology of the printer is ideal for this thanks to the conveyor belt.