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Custom iFactory3D Nozzle


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The Custom iFactory3D Nozzle

The original Custom iFactory3D Nozzle is specially designed for the needs of 3D belt printing.

Buying the right nozzle for a conveyor belt printer is complex. Among other things, you need to check if the nozzle is pointed enough and made of the right material, but also if the thread fits your hotend.

The biggest problems with a third-party nozzle are:

  • The nozzle is not pointed enough and damages the conveyor belt.
  • The nozzle overheats under the constant load when printing on a continuous belt

To have the optimal volcano nozzle for 3D belt printing with direct drive extrusion, we had our Custom iFactory3D Nozzle specially developed to meet all our conditions.

The nozzle is tested under high-quality standards and laboratory conditions during the manufacturing process. The special coating and polish allow the best printing results of all available nozzles for your iFactory3D printer.

Since we demand a lot from the nozzle in terms of quality and shape, we decided to have our own nozzle made to meet the requirements of belt printing. The Custom iFactory3D Nozzle is perfectly matched in material and processing to the permanent use with common filament material by the iFactory3D belt printer.

This volcano nozzle offers consistently high quality and precision for printing with direct drive extruders.

Custom iFactory3D Nozzle at a glance:

With our 3D belt printer volcano nozzle, you are ideally equipped for all belt prints in manufactory production.

The elaborate development of the 3D belt printing technology also led to our customized volcano nozzle, adapted for intensive continuous operation.

Each individual nozzle is tested under laboratory conditions and offers the best printing results over the long term, also due to its special coating and polish.

Additional information


0,4 mm, 0,6 mm, 0,8 mm, 1,0 mm, 1,2 mm

Product Features

Compatible Hotends: Original iFactory3D Volcano Hotend

Compatible with printers: One Pro & Upgraded One (Direct Drive Extruder)

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Nozzle Material: Brass

For suitable nozzles with other diameter, just drop us a message.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to make changes to your order at:


The advantages

We offer with the original Custom iFactory3D Nozzle from Zodiac the optimized product for a perfect print result with your iFactory3D belt printer.


Our custom iFactory3D nozzles from Zodiac are designed for continuous printing operation without downtime.

Lab Verified and Tested:

All Custom iFactory3D Nozzles are individually tested under laboratory conditions.

They are tested for their performance in all failure situations known to us, including faulty filament, incorrect temperatures, abrasive filament, and more.

Coated and polished:

To ensure lasting print quality, the nozzles are coated and polished.

With our polish, the nozzles work longer without any loss of quality. This also makes them lower in friction than standard commercial nozzles, resulting in optimal flow for a variety of materials, including harder materials.

The iFactory3D nozzle is therefore subject to significantly less friction and therefore less wear per printing operation.

Nozzle tip:

Aftermarket nozzles from other manufacturers often damage the belt. This is usually because these nozzles are not pointed enough to apply the filament at a 45° angle without dragging across the surface of the conveyor belt. Our “Custom iFactory3D Nozzles from Zodiac consistently extrude the filament at the correct amount and consistency and are pointed enough not to scratch the printing surface in the process.

Smooth surface:

Zodiac manufactures its brass nozzles to high-quality standards. This means no manufacturing residue will compromise print quality or affect the printing process.

Assured Quality

Our original nozzles are custom-made and optimized for 45° angle 3D belt printing. All Zodiac nozzles are checked for quality before delivery. It is ensured that the nozzles extrude the filament at the correct rate to avoid clogging, printing errors, or damage to the print substrate.


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