3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support

Contact persons

Find the right contact person for your questions here. We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance at any time.

For general business inquiries, please contact Mr. A. Steffen, CEO.

A. Steffen


Management, Business Development, Investment & Customer/Business Relations

Your contact person for all technical questions is Mr. M. Huber, CTO.

M. Huber


Research, technical development, patent law & project funding

If you have any questions regarding production, please contact Mr. B. Farrenkothen.

B. Farrenkothen

Head of Production

Production, purchasing, technical support & print jobs

General contact


+49 211 15859748

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