The Belt or assembly line is of course the identical component that came with your One Pro when you purchased it from the factory.

The Belt, which is specially tailored to our needs, is a custom-made product that you can buy exclusively from us.

With this belt, you get the best quality for your 3D assembly line printing.

Our iFactory3D Belt has a special surface structure.

The original Belt is characterized by its optimal adhesion, which ensures the great stability during printing. Of course, the finished printed parts still come off easily when the Belt is rotated. It thus provides the perfect adhesive base for the printing process.

This Belt leaves virtually no residue that could affect further printing processes or print quality after the printed object has been properly removed and the printing surface has been cleaned in the normal way.

The durable polymer belt provides the strength needed to be securely clamped in the 3D conveyor belt printer. At the same time, it is flexible enough that the tension can be adjusted individually so that the belt runs smoothly during the printing process without jumping or dragging.

The joint is specially post-treated, so that you can use each section of the Belt evenly, due to the leveled surface.

The Belt of the conveyor belt printer is a wearing part, which is exposed to high loads during constant printing operation. We recommend replacing the belt when adhesion is no longer adequate. This is the case after approximately one year of moderate use of the printer.

Product Feature

Dimensions (one turn, seam to seam): 780 x 290mm

Color: silver-gray

Material: polymer

Compatible iFactory3D printers: One Pro and One


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