3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support
Bild vom Messestand von iFactory3D auf der MEDICA 2023. Ausgestellt waren das Salinewerk SalinoVatis und ein Fließbanddrucker für den medizinischen 3D-Druck

iFactory3D at the MEDICA 2023: Pioneering achievements in medical 3D printing

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2023 in Düsseldorf have proven to be a first-class platform for global MedTech business and professional exchange at the highest level. This was underlined by the strong international visitor participation, the high density of decision-makers, the high-quality supporting program and the unique variety of innovations along the entire value chain of medical technology. iFactory3D was also represented at the trade fair with its own stand and its selected range of medical 3D printing products and was able to benefit from the colorful audience.

MEDICA and COMPAMED: Medical technology business is profiting from strong appeal to international visitors

New 3D conveyor belt printers for orthopaedic technology:

The focus of iFactory3D’s trade fair appearance was the presentation of the latest generation of 3D belt printers, which are specially tailored to the requirements of orthopaedic technology. These printers enable the cost-efficient production of individual insoles. At the same time, they offer a high production speed with optimally coordinated, finely adjusted settings. You could literally watch your own custom insoles being made. A pair is produced in less than 120 minutes.

Praise for the print quality and variety of materials:

Despite the high efficiency, functionality and appearance do not suffer. Visitors praised the excellent print quality of the soles produced on the 3D belt printer compared to other 3D printing approaches. Examples out of foaming and non-foaming TPU materials were presented, which are primarily used for the production of insoles in this region. The versatility of the technology was demonstrated using flexible and rigid variants of various corrective or protective aids for foot health.

International demand and individual forms:

A major manufacturer of medical insoles showed interest in other shapes that are particularly relevant for the international market. The 3D conveyor belt printer can not only produce the usual flat formats, but can also meet special requirements. The more acute angle also enables efficient production with less material and less post-processing for these cases.

Different requirements for orthopedic insoles:

iFactory3D first became aware of the different requirements that the various visitors had for orthopedic insoles. One pattern emerged: in the West, soft, flexible insoles are particularly popular. These offer increased comfort and adapt to the natural shape of the foot. They can have both a supportive and slightly corrective effect by varying the degree of filling in the respective areas of the foot. On the international market, on the other hand, rigid, more strongly shaped insoles tend to dominate. These three-dimensional shapes support more precise correction and are considered more effective for certain orthopedic needs.

Insoles according to individual needs:

3D belt printers offer the flexibility to produce insoles exactly according to the needs and preferences of individual users. This allows you to serve both the international and western markets with just one device. With different materials and printing parameters, both soft, flexible insoles and rigid, shaping insoles can be produced. iFactory3D provides its expertise as a service and can be asked for advice at any time. Which settings are recommended for which models and purposes can be worked out individually for each user with the trained staff. This adaptability is crucial in order to meet the diverse requirements of global markets.

Interest from retailers in emerging markets:

The versatility of the printers for various orthopedic practices attracted many international visitors to the stand. Sales partners from countries including India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey showed great interest in the 3D conveyor belt technology for medical 3D printing. They were not only interested in the hardware, but also in the marketing of insoles and the little star from the iFactory3D portfolio, the innovative SalinoVatis Saline.

All in one: hardware + product license

The strong interest in the 3D-printed Salinewerk, an indoor fountain powered by saline solution, prompted iFactory3D to consider combining the two product groups. It would be possible to purchase the hardware and conclude a license agreement at the same time. In this way, the special structure of the saline plant or the optimized sole solutions could be created on the 3D conveyor belt printers. The GCodes supplied can be implemented on the iFactory3D printers and the documentation of the licenses used can be tracked precisely and easily. This concept once again benefits from the location-independence of 3D conveyor belt printers. As a result, many transportation routes can be avoided, which has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of the health and wellness products.

High-turnover trade fair and fair prices:

MEDICA 2023 proved to be extremely strong in terms of sales and attracted a very international audience. With SalinoVatis, the young technology company presented one of the most affordable products at the entire trade fair. The Salinewerk is intended to be affordable for a large target group because it addresses an acute problem in our society. During and after the pandemic years, two unpleasant developments have manifested themselves: rising prices and respiratory problems. The consequences of a corona infection are keeping some people busy in the form of long Covid, and due to inflation and previous travel restrictions, many individuals and families have been unable to take a relaxing vacation by the sea.

Grand entrance: SalinoVatis

Das Salinwerk SalinoVatis: durchd as stetige Tropfen von Salzwasser auf die besonders oberflächenreiche 3D-Druckstruktur werden Salzpartikel an die Umgebungsluft abgegeben, die einen angenehmen Effekt auf die Atmung haben können.SalinoVatis brings a piece of seaside atmosphere into your own four walls from just €129 RRP. The soothing salt air created by the salt works transforms your bedroom or living room into a small wellness oasis. The positive effect of a marine climate is well known everywhere, and SalinoVatis was unanimously praised. The fair pricing also contributed to the great interest. Together with the orthopedic insole production, the individual yet inexpensive products demonstrated the innovative power of iFactory3D’s additive manufacturing in the medical field.

To summarize: iFactory3D – a pioneer in medical 3D printing:

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2023 were a great success for iFactory3D. The 3D conveyor belt printers for orthopaedic technology earned recognition for their performance and versatility. The strong interest from international dealers and the positive response to SalinoVatis confirm the company’s chosen path as a pioneer in medical 3D printing. The company is looking to the future with great expectations and is looking forward to continuing to help shape medical care through innovative technologies.