3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support

Brand new website all about 3D belt printing

iFactory3D has completely redesigned its website to reflect its shift in brand direction. The design language is now tailored to business customers. Just like the company’s core product: the One Pro 3D belt printer.

Repositioning reflected in web presence

As part of the repositioning of the startup iFactory3D, the new website has now also been adapted. The reorientation from initially 3D printing enthusiasts and tinkerers, to entrepreneurs and SMEs as primary customers, also entailed some changes to the website. The focus is now clearly on the One Pro, the core product. Around it, the company’s product range will continue to build. This structure is complemented by a blog with news about the company, new products and helpful tips. Providing more information and background knowledge makes purchasing decisions easier for companies looking to acquire the printer for professional use.

Direct customer contact and service remain a priority

Of course, iFactory3D remains true to one of its unique selling points: direct customer contact remains an important aspect, and will not be replaced by anonymized, automated processes. Service will stay top priority, because the optimal adaptation of the printer to the respective production goals is quality-decisive. In addition to the support page, where a detailed FAQ can now be found under all relevant manuals, the service section highlights the company’s other services. For example, iFactory3D is available for extraordinary projects when special requirements have to be met by a printer. For this purpose, the R&D department uses its versatile workshop to design tailor-made solutions.

Ongoing process of website transformation

Last year and a half’s experience since iFactory3D’s products were first sold, was incorporated into the redesign of the website. A simple look & feel of the new website was the be-all and end-all. However, during this period, the old website has also accumulated content that should not be lost. These will be gradually integrated throughout September, including the forum and its information. This ensures that customers with the predecessor model One can continue to feel they are in good hands.
To complete the site, new video content is constantly being created to give a particularly vivid and simple user experience. With the addition of highlight and usecase stories from existing customers, and white papers for clear documentation of each case study, the site will continue to grow in the coming period. Comments and suggestions on the website redesign are very welcome via build@ifactory3D.com.

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