3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support
Angefangener Druck auf einem 3D-Drucker mit Fließband

Achieving a new level of productivity – with serial printing from the conveyor belt

Across industries, companies are using 3D printing to visualize and analyze complex projects. In addition to the advantage of customizability and material-saving production of just a few individual parts, additive manufacturing can do even more than it seems at first glance.
A 3D belt printer does not stop at the prototype: its technology makes market entry tangible even for smaller companies with riskier product solutions. A 3D belt printer offers high flexibility in design and time management. The option for serial printing of a wide variety of products in small to medium quantities makes a fast-growing product portfolio feasible for startups and the like. Supply chain optimization brings autonomy and planning reliability. The fast ROI of the multifunction device offers high scalability.

3D printing from the belt brings FLEXIBILITY

The space-saving design can be integrated into any workshop or production floor. Even a desk provides enough space to start mass production with 3D belt printers.Zwei 3D-Fließbanddrucker nebeneinander auf einer hölzernen Werkbank.


Advantages of on-site production:

Minimization of logistics costs
Supply chain optimization
Process and communication acceleration
On-demand production
Inventory cost reduction


3D printing from the belt brings SUSTAINABILITY

By using additive manufacturing, you are significantly participating in the movement toward a more environmentally conscious supply chain. 3D printing actively saves material by eliminating the need for negative molds; only adding the material needed. Thanks to the 45° printing angle, a 3D belt printer also saves material in the form of superfluous support structures. Depending on the process, a good 80% of waste can be avoided by using a 3D conveyor belt printer in series production.

3D printing from the belt brings VERSATILITY

Due to the wide range of materials that can be processed with FFF 3D conveyor belt printers, the printed objects meet diverse quality requirements with ease.

Advantages FFF 3D conveyor belt printer:

Processing of heat-resistant materials
Applicable for all common filament materials
Ideal for foaming and flexible materials

3D printing is particularly well suited for small batches or special designs or for the production of complex and filigree geometries that are difficult to realize using conventional manufacturing methods. These are of course also possible in serial printing. For quantities ranging from a few hundred to several 10,000 pieces, the 3D belt printer is a good intermediate solution. With a belt printer, you get a high degree of flexibility in terms of component dimensions, with a small footprint and low investment costs. It reliably produces the same or different products in series, with a high degree of automation. This means that on-site production can be carried out flexibly and without the need for large numbers of staff.

3D belt printer as an optimal supplement to existing production processes – or as an initial spark for business start-ups

Optimizing your production processes is not about a complete reorientation to additive manufacturing. Rather, 3D printing should be seen as a tool and innovation driver for your existing business. With the help of its rapid implementability, you can identify optimization potential for your products. Minor design changes to the CAD model can also be evaluated in reality within a very short time, and implemented in serial printing. And with the same device, pre-series can be placed promptly after market maturity has been reached, so that the customer’s response to the product can be evaluated as quickly as possible. And even up to 5-digit quantities per year, the 3D belt printer has proven to be more cost-effective than other manufacturing methods.