3D belt printing by iFactory3D

Automated additive manufacturing for

▫Serial production

▫Continuous objects

▫Complex geometries without support structures

3D belt printer performing serial production, long object printing and printing complex geometries like overhangs without support

Print examples

This dynamic gallery shows printing examples and 3D printing techniques for useful and beautiful items manufactured with our iFactory3D printers. You can find examples of different models, applications and materials, showing the versatility of 3D belt printing. 

Our 3D printer base filament is PETG, which is extremely versatile. 

The possibilities to support and inspire the creative power of your innovations with 3D printing techniques are almost limitless.

New ways with 3D printing

In addition to pictures showing our 3D printers in use, this gallery also includes many print examples of the resulting products. Those have been realized by customers, our print farm or requested print jobs.

The 3D belt technology allows the printing of identical or individual objects in a row. Objects can be implemented in different lengths or widths, solid, hollow, or with overhangs without support structures.

The innovative print queue and monitoring technology allow operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This gallery shows a small overview of the possibilities of using our iFactory3D belt printers.

Your imagination counts

Here you will find inspiration and ideas for implementation, from practical spare parts to design ideas and handicrafts. Your creations now no longer have to be produced as elaborate one-offs, but can be manufactured automatically additively in any number and design on the belt printing line, saving time and money.

Examples of technical components

Orthopedic shoe insole examples

Creative creations