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Extension – One Pro





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Extension One Pro

Expand your possibilities with the extension for your One Pro – for endlessly long print objects. 

The roller extension expands the supporting build base from 30 cm to 75 cm, enabling longer components to be neatly finished without bending or warping. The precision-fit extension with movable rollers attaches easily to the One Pro belt printer. The modular design also allows the print area to continue seamlessly with additional extensions. With each extension attached, your print project gets the opportunity to grow another 45 cm.
For prints with a centre of gravity on the belt, the maximum length also increases, here even by almost three times compared to using the pure conveyor belt. If the print surface can otherwise be exceeded by up to 100% with such print objects, the maximum print length with extension even increases to 1.50 m. 

The roller design provides the optimal surface without exerting too much friction on the printed object in order to preserve the quality of your prints. The extension extends your possibilities with identical print quality to our original iFactory3D belt. 


The advantages at one glance

  • 150% extension of your total safely usable print area 
  • lightweight construction with five movable rollers for minimal friction 
  • adjustable feet for optimal transition 
  • modular system for easy further extension by 45 cm at a time 
  • easy mounting and dismounting  
  • functional & harmonized design

The “Extension One Pro” roller extension is an optional accessory for use with the One Pro 3D belt printer. It is not designed for use with other 3D (belt) printers.


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