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A personal calibration session
with one of our engineers

Fast Support service
with your personal Buddy

Outsourcing of your 3D-projects
to our engineer

Free software updates

Multi-language support

We help you to print even the most complex projects. Our care platform enables non-makers and professionals to interact with their personal Buddy in order to either outsource work or just to simply get help with certain subjects. For example your Buddy can create a 3D-File with your input and then remotely start the print on your iFactory One. Therefore it’s possible to even fully outsource your needs to the Buddy for freeing up your timetable from being physically present at your printer. With the remote access features of the iFactory One it’s even possible for the Buddy to maintain a lot of problems with your printer without the need of you being present.

Together with the iFactory One we are bringing a complete ecosystem to the market. You don’t have to worry about being physically present at your printer, you don’t have to worry about your CAD-Skills or even the 3D-Print process itself. Our goal is to create a community of Enthusiasts for INVENTORS, DESIGNERS, STUDENTS and START-UPPERS. That also means that you can earn money either by providing printing time on your printer, helping other Makers with problems on their printer or the 3D-Files itself.