Care Package Volcano Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Volcano Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Volcano for iFactory One
Care Package Volcano for iFactory One
Care Package Volcano for iFactory One
PETG Filament 1kg
PETG Filament 1kg
PETG Filament 1kg
PETG Filament 1kg
Care Package Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Pro for iFactory One

Care Package Volcano Pro for iFactory One

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About this item

Procuring replacement parts can be difficult from time to time, especially when you need to replace operating equipment. Because we know that spare parts are often copied from low-quality brands or are not available at all, we have created our Care Packages. With our Care Packages, we have found an easily accessible solution, so that you no longer have to worry about wear or spare parts for your iFactory3D printer and can fully concentrate on printing, producing and creating! 

Care Package Volcano Pro includes 2 Belts, 4 Volcano Nozzles and 2 spools of filament with 1kg each. 
This Care Package Volcano Pro is meant to work with iFactory One together with Upgrade Kit.


Original replacement part – With this spare part you get the best quality of the belt. It is the same one that came with the iFactory One from the factory. 

Worry-free – With the dozens of manufacturers of cheap replacement parts, you always run the risk of getting something with low quality. This belt is the best quality you can buy for your iFactory One. 

Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle

Made to last – Our Volcano nozzles are designed for long printing operation with no downtime.

Checked in the lab – All nozzles are checked one by one under laboratory conditions. 

Tested under all conditions – Our nozzles were tested in hundreds of hours in all conditions, i.e.: bad filament, wrong temperatures, abrasive filament and so on.  

Will not scratch your belt – With most aftermarket nozzles, you’ll simply destroy your belt because the nozzle isn’t pointed enough. Our original nozzles are pointed enough to not scratch the belt. 

Assured quality – The nozzles used by iFactory One are tested for quality. Your extruded filament will be the right size. 

Tested and proven – Thousands of hours have been invested to develop the right nozzle for the iFactory One. With this nozzle, you are best equipped for long lasting prints! 

Coated and polished – To further improve the print quality the nozzles are coated and polished. The nozzle won´t wear out so fast and also will be more frictionless.


Product Specifications

Compatible with printers:
iFactory One with Upgrade Kit

Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle 

Nozzle Material:

Nozzle Diameter:
4x 0.4mm

Filament Diameter:

ATTENTION: Normal, non-Custom Volcano Nozzles won´t work on the iFactory One Volcano Hotend.


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