International Business

Artur Steffen


Artur Steffen, with M. A. in Entrepreneurship from Berlin and B.A. in International Business from London, has already founded a number of companies in the fields of cleantech, healthcare, IT, medical tourism, language schools and 3D printer production. Artur’s academic background in growing and managing companies, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged him to start businesses throughout the world. As one of the business owners, he is responsible for the business processes of the company, including the development of Investor Relations.

Martin Huber

Martin Huber, the award-winning inventor of the Biopolymer, is a business-chemist with 7 years of experience at Bayer. Martin has a Master of Science in Business Chemistry specializing in the business establishment. He is an expert in polymers, software development and 3D printing. He is in charge of the research and development team of iFactory3D. Martin with the support of his team and external experts is also responsible for the patent research and application process.

Ben Farrenkothen
Lead Engineer
BenF is one of the key players in our company when it comes to building and developing our 3D printer. He is in charge of tasks such as hardware optimization and calibration of our printer. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Wuppertal Germany and worked in quality management at a software company at the same time. He is known to be very organized and his working space is immaculate at the end of the day. These characteristics are ideal for an engineer when it comes to building a 3D printer, for our future customers.