Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One
Upgrade Kit for iFactory One

Upgrade Kit for iFactory One

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About this item

Our iFactory One is a great printer by design. From Makers all the way to large print farms at well-known companies, our customers are very happy with the quality of the printer. 

But as with any device and given its origin on Kickstarter, we are still working to improve it. To get the last percentages of quality and quantity out of the iFactory One, we’ve packed together all the upgrades we feel are just right to bring the iFactory One to its peak performance: 

• CNC-made BMG Direct Drive extruder with hardened gears
Titanium full metal heatbreak
• High quality volcano hotend with 0.4mm nozzle

If you want your iFactory One to perform even better, save even more time and money you should check out our Upgrade Kit!

Direct Drive Extruder + Volcano Hotend

Both the extruder and the hotend are among the most important parts of a 3D printer. The standard hotend and extruder that come with the iFactory One are good for reliable printing, but their thermal capacity and also extrusion rate are limited. These limitations are the reason why we use a combination of Direct Drive extruder and Hotend. You will not be limited by the thermal capacity of the hotend or the extrusion rate, so you can print any material as fast as you want to maximize your printing performance. The maximum temperature of the hotend is up to 300°C so you can melt most of the filaments available. It also does reduce stringing. Don’t be bound by limitations anymore!

Genuine MEAN WELL power supply

For the power supply we opted for the most well-known brand for 3d printer power supplies: MEAN WELL. All PSUs that are sold by us are 100% genuine MEAN WELL power supplies!

Low radiation values – With the regulations of most power grids around the world, you are sometimes forced to accept higher radiation, ripple and noise. The new MEAN WELL power supply delivers radiation-, ripple- and interference-free power. 

Reliable voltage – Sometimes the power grid delivers very noisy electrical current. The MEAN WELL power supply will smooth out the current spikes and deliver a steady current to the printer. 

Quiet, long-lasting fan – The built-in fan in the MEAN WELL power supply does not start spinning until the power supply reaches a certain temperature. At this point, the fan is not loud, but will still move a lot of air through the power supply to cool it down sufficiently. 


Product Specifications

Compatible printers:
iFactory One (all Versions without Volcano Hotend)

Heating zone orientation:

iFactory3D Custom Volcano Nozzle  

Important note: You need to print some parts before replacing your old extruder with the Direct Drive Extruder and Volcano Hotend combinationYou can download the .stl files in our download section.

Parts not included in this kit are: 
– Hotend fan
Part cooling fan 
Stepper motor
 Cable chain
– Mounting plate

Attention!Before you start printing with the new Direct Drive Extruder and Volcano Hotend, you must recalibrate your nozzle height. Not doing a recalibration will result in a head crash which can damage your printer and also will void the warranty. 

Compatible printers:
iFactoryOne, iFactoryOne +

Output voltage:
24V / 14.6A


Input voltage:
110V + 230V (Switchable on the power supply).

Protection Functions:
Short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating

Idle power usage:
< 0.75W

Meanwell Enterprises Co.

PSU warranty:
5 years

Direct Drive Extruder + Volcano Hotend warranty:
1 year


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