Care Package Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Pro for iFactory One
Care Package Pro for iFactory One

MK8 Nozzle



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About this item

A pointy and also durable nozzle for an angled belt printer is extremely crucial. A nozzle that is not pointy enough will scratch and burn the belt with its hexagonal area and therefore damage it. Based on all the nozzles that are available it is pretty hard to find the right nozzle. Normally you don’t get a technical drawing of the nozzle you want to buy; therefore, it is nearly inevitable that the nozzle will damage the belt. Also, most of the aftermarket nozzles are extremely cheaply made and don’t correspond to any quality levels. 
To give you the most reliable replacement part for your iFactory One we sell the MK8 nozzle. The nozzle itself is pointy enough so it won´t damage the belt. You will not have fluctuating diameters on the tip, no residue from the manufacturing and no length problems on the thread. 

MK8 Nozzle

Will not scratch the belt – With most aftermarket nozzles, you simply destroy your belt because the nozzle is not pointed enough. Our original nozzle is pointed enough to not scratch your belt.

Assured quality – The nozzles used by iFactory One are tested for quality. Your extruded filament will be the right size

Coated – To further improve the print quality the nozzles are coated. The nozzle won´t wear out so fast and also has less friction.

Tested and proven – Thousands of hours have been invested to develop the right nozzle for the  iFactory One. With this nozzle, you are best equipped for long lasting prints!

Smooth surface – The nozzles are manufactured with high quality standards, so no manufacturing residue will affect the print or the print quality itself.  

Product Specifications

Compatible Hotends
Original iFactory3D MK8 Hotend (Christmas Backer and non-Volcano-Hotend) 

Nozzle diameter:

Filament diameter:

Nozzle material:


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