6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One
6x iFactory One

6x iFactory One

Order 6 iFactory One and receive 10% discount
*The discount is only for KIT (Do it Yourself KIT) build option.

Length limitation and physical removal of printed parts were yesterday.

Now benefit from automated part removal and unlimited printing of endlessly long objects on the iFactory One.

Use iFactory3D’s technology to take your hobby, workshop or even your business to the next level of productivity!

- 10%

6.000 5.399


Out of stock

Expected delivery date in 4-5 weeks
*Please contact us to determine the exact date of your delivery.

incl. German VAT excl. Shipping

* Shipping is not included in the offer price.
Depending on your delivery address, the correct VAT and shipping calculated at checkout.

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Technical Specification

Physical dimensions 720(l); 660(w) – 600(w) without spoolholder; 500(h) [mm]
Power input
AC 110- 240V/ 50-60Hz 5A
Power output (PSU)
DC 24V/15A (for Upgrade One: DC 24V/14.6A)
Weight 18 kg
Machine style Belt printer 45°
Belt Durable polymer belt optimized for 3D-Printing; parts fall
off automatically; belt working as z-Axis, enables infinite
printing in size and number of objects
Print volume (max) Infinite(l); 290(w); 200(h) mm
Feeder type Titan bowden extuder
Display 3.5″ (800×480 / capacitive touch)
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm exchangeable
Print principle Fused Deposition Modeling
0.05-0.3mm with standard 0.4mm nozzle depending on settings
Max nozzle temp 260°
Nozzle heat up time <2 minutes
Filament PLA, PETG, TPU.
The following materials such as PC, ASA, NYLON and ABS can only be printed on the iFactory One with additional housing
<70 dBA
Compatible filament diameter
Build plate (heat up) 20 ->100 °C in~5min
Monitoring Wi-Fi camera -> Raspberry Pi Camera V1.3
Slicer software Cura iFactory3D
Printing software Octoprint iFactory3D
Supported OS OSX, Windows, and Linux
Weight 18 kg
Plugin integration SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor
File transfer SD-card; Wi-Fi (integrated Raspberry Pi 3a+ running Octoprint); USB-cable
Warranty period 1 year
Expert support Dedicated technical support via email,
phone is available to you in English, German, Russian




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