3x Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle
3x Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle
Care Package Volcano for iFactory One
3x Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle
3x Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle

3x Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle

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About this item

Buying the right nozzle for a belt-printer can be very difficult. You do have to check if the nozzle is pointy enough, if the thread does fit your hotend and so on. The biggest problem is the pointedness of pretty much every aftermarket nozzle: they are not pointy enough and just won´t work on a belt printer. With our iFactory3D Custom Volcano nozzle we created a way to spare you the search for the right nozzle. 

The quality of the nozzle is outstanding. It is checked under laboratory conditions. Together with its special coating and polish it will give you the best print results out of all available nozzles for the iFactory One.  

Because we are demanding a lot from the nozzle in regard of its quality and shape, we opted to let a nozzle build just for us: the iFactory3D Custom Nozzle. The genuine nozzle is only sold in our shop!

Custom iFactory3D Volcano Nozzle

Made to last – Our Volcano nozzles are designed for long printing operation with no downtime

Checked in the lab – All nozzles are checked one by one under laboratory conditions.

Tested under all conditions – Our nozzles were tested in hundreds of hours in all conditions, i.e.: bad filament, wrong temperatures, abrasive filament and so on.  

Coated and polished – To further improve the print quality the nozzles are coated and polished. The nozzle won´t wear out so fast and has less friction.

Will not scratch your belt – With most aftermarket nozzles, you’ll simply destroy your belt because the nozzle isn’t pointed enough. Our original nozzles are pointed enough to not scratch the belt.

Assured quality – The nozzles used by iFactory One are tested for quality. Your extruded filament will be the right size.

Tested and proven – Thousands of hours have been invested to develop the right nozzle for the iFactory One. With this nozzle, you are best equipped for long lasting prints!  

Product Specifications

Compatible Hotends
Original iFactory3D Volcano Hotend

Nozzle diameter:
3x 0.4mm

Filament diameter:

Nozzle material:

Note: please don’t use iFactory3D Custom Volcano Nozzle for abrasive filaments (e.g. PA). Hardned nozzles will be uploaded soon.


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