Front feet - reinforced version

Philippe Beuthe

Sep 3, 2021
When I mounted the pre-assembled version of the iFactory One + Upgrade, attaching the two front feet was not easy.
Result: with the weight of the pre-assembled print bed module and handling, both feet broke at their weakest point.

Unfortunately, iFactory does not deliver spare parts, you have to print them yourself.
And therefore, it is in your interest to already have a first printer before buying a One.

So I redesigned the two feet in a reinforced version.
You can download both .amf files from Thingiverse:
If you have a Prusa MK3S, I can send you the gcode of each foot by email (15.4 Mb each).

For ease I am attaching the printing parameters in screenshots. These correspond to a conventional printer.
The result is lighter and stronger front feet.

Note that a 15% giroid infill seems to give sufficient strength. But with the dynamic constraints when mounting the printer, I preferred to opt for 20%.

For the material, I was impressed with the strength / finish of FormFutura's rPET. I recommend applying a layer of glue stick to avoid slight warping at the tips of the parts.