Changing WiFi connection doesn't work and other recurring Octopi screen issues


May 26, 2021
I have had an issue in every release of the octopi OS where changing the wifi to connect to doesn't work. Can someone else confirm this? After setting up your wifi (usually house router or whatever), turn that one off so the printer can't access it. Make another wifi AP by whatever means and try to input the password via octopi screen and tap "Connect". It doesn't ever work for me and has become a real pain for me trying to set up the printer at work or when recently I upgraded my home network.

Also, the screen is really unstable as usual and I get bugs where the screen suddenly stretches out so I can't access the back button and I have to reset it.

What is the state of this software? I offered to help last year but it seems no-one at the company is committed to supporting this machine in it's stock configuration