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PETG, PLA, ABS (with housing), ASA (with housing), TPU, PC (with housing), NYLON (with housing).

Insert the filament into the extruder by hand like in every other 3D-printer, there will also be an auto-unload and auto-fill option available on display.

It depends on the print settings and object size, with average settings, a 20x20x20mm cube takes about 20 minutes.

The build volume is: 180(h) x 290(w) x infinite(l) mm.

Yes. We are working on a failure detection algorithm that can detect several common failures and even automatically restart printing with changed settings. PrinterGUARD is capable of learning thanks to its algorithm and can recognize most errors early on after a short time and act accordingly.

When the printing process is finished, the printed part is released by the rotation of the belt. After the part has fallen off, a new print can be started. You can load several objects into the slicer and set the number of copies.
Thingiverse, GrabCAD, MyMiniFactory, Pinshape, etc.
Cura Engine (own version) for slicing and Octoprint / Octoscreen (own version) as the user interface.
If they don’t fall off by the curvature of the belt, they get separated using a scraper (attached to the printer).
Yes. There will be an option to print from everywhere and upload / download files directly to the printer.
For most objects, no support is needed. Using the 45° angle you are able to print objects without any infill or support. For some very complex objects you still need to place support.
+ 45° printing angle enables you to print overhangs without any support 
+ Belt enables automatic cleaning of the build room 
+ Using the belt and the 45° angle you can print objects larger than the printer.
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