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iFactory3D – a new resident of the STARTPLATZ business accelerator

iFactory3D has become a resident of STARTPLATZ, the largest business accelerator in West Germany. The startup is expected to turn into a fast-developing company with new opportunities for growth and improvement.

The potential of iFactory3D and its iFactory One 3D belt printer were highly appreciated by STARTPLATZ founder Dr. Lorenz Gräf, who was among the first to invest in this project.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Gräf established an e-commerce business named Globalpark (a provider of Social CRM, Panel Community, and Survey software) that quickly became a global market player. A merger with another software company, Questback, allowed Globalpark AG to take a leading position in the European market.

In 2012, Lorenz Gräf resigned his post as CEO of Globalpark AG and founded STARTPLATZ, where he is now the managing director. 

STARTPLATZ is a business ecosystem that offers space for collaboration and innovation, consulting and coaching, and workshops and events for corporate groups, SMEs, and freelancers. More than 300 startups (with over 150 million euros invested in them) are currently working on developing and implementing their business ideas at STARTPLATZ.

The iFactory3D company, based in Dusseldorf, Germany, was founded in July 2020 by serial entrepreneur Artur Steffen and inventor Martin Huber. In a few months, the startup successfully secured partnerships with key business stakeholders and contacted many 3D printing enthusiasts, who responded positively to the price and quality of the iFactory One 3D printer.

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Press inquiries

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