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iFactory One — The First 3D Printer with an Embedded AI-based Print Error Protection System

The iFactory One is the first 3D printer to come with the PrinterGUARD protection system with error detection functionality. PrinterGUARD is based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can easily identify and correct 3D printing errors early on.

“PrinterGUARD is able to detect and eliminate the five most common 3D printing errors: spaghetti, detached objects, warping, stringing, and air printing. Moreover, iFactory One users can receive error notifications by email or messenger.” — Artur Steffen, CEO of iFactory3D

During normal operation, the iFactory One’s AI is able to learn on its own and update the printer’s software via the cloud. In the near future, the PrinterGUARD AI algorithms are expected to recognize and correct up to 20 types of errors.

“All these features will help to improve equipment reliability, and everyone will benefit from working with an ‘ever-young’ 3D printer,” adds Artur Steffen.

In addition, the iFactory One has cloud-based technical support that provides customers with regular software updates, a high level of service, and protection against printing defects with PrinterGUARD. The conveyor belt on the iFactory One (with non-stop operation) enables users to broaden their horizons and creativity with full automation and a continuous printing process. With a belt, there’s no need to restrict the shape and length of printed objects or to take them off the print bed one at a time. The iFactory One is the key to smart and unlimited 3D printing.

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Press inquiries

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