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Самообучающийся 3D-принтер создан в Германии – iFactory One

Самообучающийся 3D-принтер создан в Германии – iFactory One Алепксандр Фокин / bloha.ru Производство у вас дома. В Германии сделали 3D-принтер, который работает самостоятельно. Ещё он имеет …

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An Absolute Belter? iFactory One: Specs, Price, Release & Reviews

It’s time for another Kickstarter campaign for a 3D printer, but hold on a minute, this one is a bit different. This one features a …

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iFactory3D Launches Low-Cost Belt 3D Printer

newsbreak.com German startup iFactory3D has now launched their inexpensive belt 3D printer on Kickstarter. Inspired by the 3D print community, Artur Steffen and Martin Huber developed an open …

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iFactory One, a 3D printer with an embedded AI-based print error protection system

German startup iFactory3D is presenting the iFactory One, 3D belt printer with a brand-new error protection system called PrinterGUARD. PrinterGUARD allows the iFactory One to identify the …

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iFactory One 3D Printer Features Artificial Intelligence Error Protection

If I asked, what would you say are the five most common 3D printing errors? According to German 3D printing startup iFactory3D, the answer is spaghetti, …

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iFactory One bringt eine Neuheit auf den Markt

Heute mal ein kleiner Artikel indem es endlich mal um eine Neuheit auf dem deutschen Markt geht, denn mittlerweile kennen wir die ganzen Drucker von …

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